More on S.M.A.R.T. Learning

     SMART learning is a phenomenal privilege. However, with this privilege comes awesome responsibility. We are constantly challenged to employ all five channels to further our understanding of the universe, our world, and the purpose for our existence. If we are to advance, we cannot rest on what we think we know, for knowledge is fallible. Instead we must continuously advance our knowledge and understanding through the exercise of SMART learning.

     The circular placement of the words in the above diagram is purposeful. Despite what may be conveyed by today‚Äôs focus on STEM education, none of the above channels is dominant. In fact, the balanced development and integration of all five has been essential in the advancement of human civilization for thousands of years. As the challenges we face become more complex, the need to integrate learning through all five channels becomes even more critical.

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Science and Tradition: Fundamental Learning

Math and Art: Communicative Learning

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